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Ljubljana has practically no history of glassmaking, although Slovenia has some famous glass factories and a glassworks school: I was one of their students. All my products are made of high-quality JENA glass, used for laboratory products. It is extremely hard, less prone to breaking and has a melting point of 1600°C. When this temperature is reached above an open fire, the forming of the glass mass can begin. This is done with pincers, graphite rods, special scissors and other instruments. The glass mass is then formed into end products such as vases, candle holders, animal figurines and jewellery. Whether creative ideas are born spontaneously or carefully planned, they always require a lot of good will and a great deal of effort.





"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

My father, FRANC GERM, an art craft master, was a pioneer of artistic glassblowing in Slovenia. This 30-year tradition of glassmaking is now continued by me. In my studio I cut glass and shape it into vases or glasses as well as pieces that make a part of unique jewellery. My creations appear in Slovene fashion magazines and on television shows. I also take part in fashion shows and charity events. All BKG products are handmade originals and bear a certificate of the Slovene Trade Chamber. In 2004, my B.K.GERM shop won the MY SHOP (MOJA TRGOVINA) award for the quality of service, its product range and the layout of the shop

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